Today’s trend in the promotion of any hotel business is to upload a modern style video of its premises and offered services at its own site. The hotel video has increased in importance in the last few years, being acknowledged as an effective complement of the hotel photography, which was traditionally the main promotional tool. 

BIG Audiovisual can provide top quality, modern hotel videos for any hotel size at affordable prices. A hotel video may be based on a written script / scenario that our firm can develop for you, for maximum effectiveness, or it can be simpler, without script, but with no compromise on its quality. It may also involve voice over, or only background music.

Our company’s private equipment, such as the 5 meter-height crane, Steady Cam system for increased stability, daylight and tungsten lights, high definition video cameras and our remotely controlled multicopter for aerial video shootings are used in the production of top quality hotel videos.

Video showreel

A brief showreel from videos that Big Audiovisual produced in various hotels.